Body to Brain Learning @ School.  Tell me more!

Body to Brain Learning @ School builds the capacity of Educators in our school systems to identify, assess and address neuromotor and sensory readiness for learning.

Body to Brain Learning @ School helps teachers and education support officers:

  • understand the body language of learning,
  • know their students and how they learn,
  • collect individual data for benchmarking, measuring growth and for informing teaching decisions to support children's learning,
  • address some of the underlying physiological foundations that impact academic learning and behaviour
  • simultaneously meet Australian Curriculum requirements -- (it's not an ADD on to the curriculum)
  • report effectively on the learning progress of students and account for adjustments made in teaching programmes.

If you know students are experiencing learning challenges/difficulties, this information will help you identify, assess and address those learning challenges that are neuro-developmental, are sensory and motor based, and have social emotional and cognitive learning consequences for that student.  

It's a way of working, not just another strategy.

It's a practical way of identifying neuro-developmentally based learning challenges within a school system making connections with current Australian Inclusive Education requirements, the Australian Curriculum and Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

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